My name is

Christian Korff

>>> Human Factors Engineer | UX-Designer | Photographer

and it's all about Pictures, Design, Esthetics, Emotions, Feelings

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my profession


Verkehrswesen | B.Sc.keyboard_arrow_up

Technische Universität Berlin

Verkehrswesen | B.Sc.keyboard_arrow_down

My Bachelor course was about any component of traffic. It dealed with methods and technical basics of development, design and operation of vehicles such as road vehicles, aircrafts, spacecrafts and watercrafts.
Furthermore the course was to point out the complex co-operation of different traffic systems, from the point of view of economy, planning and operation.


Potentials and perspectives of Containertransport with inland water vessel between Hamburg and Berlin

Human Factors | M.Sc.keyboard_arrow_up

Technische Universität Berlin

Human Factors | M.Sc.keyboard_arrow_down

The programme has an interdisciplinary orientation with regard to both its addressed target group and the content of teaching. The knowledge and skills of psychology, engineering and ergonomics that are required for an understanding and improvement of human-machine interaction are taught.

I got knowledge in:
  • - Social, cognitive, physiological and biological processes and structures, that are relevant for the interaction of humans and technical systems

  • - Design of technological work systems

  • - Conducting and judging empirical studies

  • - Employing suitable methods to detect weaknesses of technical systems, that hinder their control, monitoring, and use and about how to improve the systems

  • - Identifying and preventing impending human factors issues in the context of technical problems

  • - Actual Human factors research and evaluating and judging upcoming research issues


Kompensation of roll movements of an airplane with different artificial horizon format
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my passion



I use digital photography on the one hand as a tool for documentation of events and situations and on the other as a tool for illustration, for example on websites or as a part of artworks and other designs.


Analog photography for me is a form of art. I love to experiment with different films, cameras and things like double-exposures. The results are always surprising and give a lot of inspirations for artworks.


To understand the way how analog photography works, I started to develop b/w films by myself. For me, developing is also a part of the analog photography and a part of the art.

Here you can see some of my photo

To see more, check out my portfolio:
  • street

    analog | b/w <<<

  • landscape

    digital <<<

  • food

    digital <<<

  • music

    digital | b/w <<<

  • experimental

    analog | b/w | pinhole <<<

  • street

    analog | b/w | double-exposure <<<

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how I work


I create things.
Digital and physical products.
I want the things to be esthetic, useful, useable, emotional.

Take a look on my work philosophy:

  • supervisor_accountEmpathize

    At the beginning it's always about understanding.
    To create awesome designs, it's important to get to know about the objective of a mission, it's necessary to do research.
    It's about who the user is. How is he behaving? How reacting? What does he want to do? How can I make him feel good?

    My methods:
    1. Field observation
    2. Intervies
    3. Focus Groups
    4. Surveys
    5. Scenarios
    6. Requirement analysis
    7. Task analysis
    8. Personas

  • createConceptualize

    Before starting to design it's necessary to build a concept based on the information of the empathize step.
    Which information should be on the website? Which functions the app should have?

    My methods:
    1. Cardsorting
    2. Mindmaps
    3. Requirements analysis
    4. Scetches
    5. Storyboards
    6. Content models
    7. Use cases

  • format_shapesDesign

    Design is an iterative process which includes a lot of steps from the firs scetching to the final product.
    It's about ideating, concept validation, refinement and in the end usability

    My methods:
    1. Paper and pencil
    2. Prototyping software
    3. Graphic software
    4. HTML & CSS

  • timelineTesting

    During the design-process and also after it, the product always has to be evaluated and tested.
    Is it usable? Is it emotional? Does it feel good?...

    My methods:
    1. Laboratory Studies
    2. Field Observatories
    3. Case Studies
    4. Heuristic Evaluations
    5. Expert Reviews
    6. Eye Tracking
    7. Surveys
    8. UX-Questionairs
    9. Card Sorting
    10. Focus Groups
  • assessmentPresentation

    After creating, the work is not done.
    The idea, the product, the website, the artwork, the picture - the world has to know about it!
    There are different ways to present:


    Like I wrote bevor. My work is not done after creating something. I'm also able to present what i've done. I want you and also your clients to understand why it is like it is. And of course I also want to answer your questions, want to know about your feelings about my creation.

    My tool for presentation is Power Point. Visual slides are important to understand, to induce attention and to open the atmosphere


    Social media is one of the most important things in our society.
    To be successful you need to present yourself and your products on facebook, twitter, instagram and so on. I can help you with these things. There are a lot of things need to considered to get the greatest range you could have.
    It's all about pictures and music. These two things can influence the feelings and emotions of persons.

    If you touch them, they will like you!

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view collage

Umbria Jazz

digital photographic collage

>>> photography | webdesign

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Christian Korff | photographer

>>> webdesign

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PHILIPP | Studentisches Magazin um Stadt und Uni Marburg - #01|2016

>>> photography


Technical University Berlin

>>> layout | social-media

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>>> photography | layout


Technical University Berlin

>>> organizing | layout | webdesign | speaking | video | social-media



>>> usability-testing


A series of four photographs, taken in Berlin.

The excess of rail systems in the city and the decay in the present age. The contrast between the old and the new, between the white of snow and the black of stones and trees. Taken with a digital camera obscura - long exposure times in the twilight of a cold winter evening.

>>> photography | layout

Virtual Tools

Interdisziplinar project

>>> project-management | user-research | usability-evaluation | presenting